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Tha Advocate - Designed To Be Signed

Release Date : 3/19/2014

Tha Advocate releases his 2nd Video/Single off of his "Designed To Be Signed" album. The self titled album single finds Advo (and others) sick and tired of the industry politics of today. Once the boiling point has been reached they take matters into their own hands. Advo and crew orchestrate a plan, with the help of Lords Of The Underground member Doitall, to inflict some sweet revenge on a crooked label exec. Bottom line, stop killing that real Hip Hop!

Directed by: Monstar Films   

Tha Advocate featuring B-Tal - Window Pain

Release Date : 10/14/2013

Tha Advocate finally drops his first official single/video, for "Window Pain", off of his long awaited, "Designed To Be Signed", album. Advo recruits, Ohio singer/ Youtube sensation, B-Tal to lend his vocals to the track. This video takes a look into the life of a struggling single Mother and the harsh realities that plague our society. Sometimes the ills that plague the human race can be fixed by simply lending a helping hand. Question... what do you see outside your "Window Pain"?

Directed by: Monstar Films   

Boone Pratt & Tha Advocate - War Torn

Release Date : 11/25/2013

Right before the summer of 2013, Boone Pratt, and fellow group member, Main Adrenaline, made their pilgrimage to New York and New Jersey to link with Digital Dynasty creator, Tha Advocate, and Monstar Films. The mission was simple..make some dope music and make some dope videos. Make something that would represent the 907 the right way. Mission accomplished. After a long day of shooting in Times Square the Fists Of The Northstar linked up with Tha Advocate in Brooklyn at the GF2 studios and the outcome was incredible. The Joey Loax produced track, "War Torn", finds Advo and Boone repping their states on this track and spitting bars of fury. Joey Loax not only the produced the record but added the scratching to the hook as well. The day after the song was created everyone met up in Staten Island and shot the video for "War Torn". In the visual you can see Boone and Advo drawing up plans for attack in a military style tent. Both emcees made a statement on this one ... AK TO NJ.

Directed by: Monstar Films   

Grimez ft. Tha Advocate, Shawn Blayze & J.D. Artist - End Of My Rope

Release Date : 6/24/13

Follow a man on the edge, at the end of his rope, conflicted about whether this life is worth living. Should he continue to go through the motions of day to day life when he feels he has no chance at happiness.. or just throw in the towel?

Directed by: Monstar Films   

Shawn Blayze feat. Tha Advocate - Feature Presentation

Release Date : 4/7/2013

After dropping his Feature Presentation mixtape a year ago, New York up-and-comer Shawn Blayze offers up a visual to the tape's title track, featuring BallerStatus family member, Tha Advocate. Shot in New York by Monstar Films, the clip features the rapper posted up in the studio performing in front of classic music videos that inspired him to begin rapping, while offering a peek into his grind.

Directed by: Monstar Films   

Tha Advocate & J.D. Artist - Best Friend


Release Date : 2/6/2013

It's often said in life that there is a thin line between love and hate. Could that apply in a brother hood or friend ship? Is there a distinction between friend or foe? Or is it common human instinct to show case these flaws? Journey through the lives of 2 friends aspiring to make it in the rap game. They both put in work over the years but suddenly one of them gets the chance of a life time and things start to go hay wire in their friendship.

Directed by: Monstar Films and Tha Advocate. Story by: Tha Advocate  

Whiplash featuring Tha Advocate - Bad In Me


Release Date : 8/29/2012

After the song started picking up steam via the internet and several mixtape appearances it was time for a visual. After almost 20 hours of traveling Whiplash flew from the land down under to New York City. 1 day later Monstar Films helped to bring Tha Advocate's treatment for this song to life. Watch as Whiplash experiences the lows of life and just when things seem like they can't get any worse, they do. Good thing Whip had Advo on speed dial and they easily showed how sweet revenge can be.

Directed and Produced by Monstar Films and Tha Advocate  

Tha Advocate featuring J.D. Artist - So Drained


 Release Date : 7/13/2012

This is the 5th music video release from Tha Advocate's latest mixtape, "The Breaking Point", which was hosted by Big Lou, Doitall and Killah Priest. This video shows the ills of an unhealthy relationship in it's final stages. Take a journey with a couple who has reached their very own "Breaking Point". This is also Tha Advocate's official debut in directing a music video alongside Monstar Films.



Tha Advocate - Sometimes


 Release Date : 4/4/2012 

This video finds Tha Advocate reflecting on the struggles of today while pondering many questions about the society we will live in. Take a journey with Advo in the 4th music video release from the mixtape "The Breaking Point". This video was directed by Monstar Films. 

 Tha Advocate and Jeide Prince - Pray About It


 Release Date : 2/20/2012

This is the 3rd music video off of Tha Advocate's "The Breaking Point" mixtape. This video is directed by Monstar Films. This video is aggressive and showcases that vintage raw hip hop.  At the same time watch how Tha Advocate and Mass build their army of remote controlled soldiers for a future battle.

Tha Advocate featuring J.D. Artist- Infliction


 Release Date : 9/28/2011

This is the 2nd music video off of Tha Advocate's "The Breaking Point" mixtape. The Monstar Films directed clip begins with the rapper, alongside singer J.D. Artist, picking up an unknown package ... and later delivering it to another man. What's inside? The infliction. 


Tha Advocate featuring The Phenom Cartel, Mass, Shawn Blayze and Whodini- I Run This (Remix)


Release Date : 8/30/2010

The track is the remix to Advo's original collabo with Big Lou and Doitall, which he remixed to showcase spitters on the come up spitters from all over the Tri-State area, and London. The Monstar Films-directed clip features NJ's Phenom Cartell, Philly's Mass, New York's Shawn Blayze and London's Whodini. This is the first music videom release off of Tha Advocate's "Breaking Point" mixtape.


Tha Advocate featuring J.D. Artist and Jeff Burna - 9678


Release Date : 12/15/2008

This was the first music video from Tha Advocate. This was before all the HD and professional filming. It still gets the point across and makes for a great visual. This was off of the 2009 mixtape, "Barmaggedon", which was hosted by DJ Bedtyme 357. This song will also appear on Tha Advocate's 2012 album "Designed To Be Signed".  This video was directed and edited by Tha Advocate himself. It shows clips from a performance and show rehearsal with J.D. Artist and hype man Sketch Architect while blending in clips from many videos from what most consider the end of the Golden Era in hip hop. Each verse finds Advo giving a run down about 1996, 1997 and 1998 while describing events that made that music so timeless.

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